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Hello, Motherhood. Good-bye Me.

When we take on the title of "Mom", it has the potential to quickly become ALL of who we are...our identity. But we deserve to have hopes and dreams too.

Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding, beautiful gifts a woman could be given.

I’ll never forget holding my baby boy for the first time. I had waited so long for this precious gift and to finally be given the responsibility of being his mother was emotionally overwhelming. I jumped into motherhood with both feet.

Being a mom quickly became the most important focus of my life.

But before adding “Mom” to my resume, I was a world traveler, writer, gardener, PR professional, dancer, community volunteer and overambitious party planner. And for a time, I was able to successfully juggle all of my interests and passions without too much conflict.

But as the years progressed, and the number of children outnumbered the parents within our home, I became lost in a sea of kids activities, school projects, sports events, sleepovers, organizing closets, doing laundry and cleaning up one glass of spilled milk after another.

Before long, I looked up and I had neglected me. Neglected the woman I was before I became Gabriel, Ava and Elin’s mother.

My title was now “Mommy. Mama. Mom.”

And while I love that title, and would never choose to eliminate that piece of who I am, I realized how important it is for me to demonstrate to my children that I am someone unique, created with special talents and abilities.

And you are too.

While it seems impossible to believe at times, there will be a day when we as mothers won’t be needed near as much…when we can actually breathe without having our schedule be littered with child-centered activities. But waiting until that day to rediscover your identity is unhealthy for you and your family.

What did you once love to do that has been tucked away and ignored over the years? Is there somewhere you would love to travel? A dream you have always desired to pursue?

Find small ways to reintroduce YOU back into your life.

Enhance your daily routine to better reflect your passions and your identity …the person you once were or hoped to be. And send the message to yourself and your family that your identity is much more than fulfilling their every wish and command.

Once you do, you’ll find “Complete and Fulfilled Mother” will be the new title written into your life resume.

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